Gender Pay Review

The Engenda Group Board of Directors are committed to ensuring Engenda Group is an employer of choice. We believe that attracting and retaining the best talent is vital for commercial success. Our flexible approach to reward and recognition allows us to cater for the varying needs of our workforce.

Fairness and inclusion are central to our values and we welcome the introduction of pay gap reporting. Engenda Group is an equal pay employer, ensuring equal work receives equal pay, irrespective of gender. We are working towards addressing the gender imbalance within our industry. The action we have taken includes re-designing our policies and practices, questioning our approach to learning and development, interrogating our selection processes and investing in our CSR activities. We engage with our workforce to ensure we are continually improving. It is encouraging to see an improvement in our metrics since taking this approach.

We believe the Engineering Construction Industry has more progress to make with regards to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce and Engenda Group is proud to be contributing towards this.


Engenda Gender Pay Review 2021

2021 Engenda Group Gender Pay Gap Report