Corporate Information

Since the very beginning of our journey Engenda Group’s success has been built on a reputation of trust, integrity and ethical business practices.

To maintain these standards all functions within the business work together, driving improvements wherever possible. We have a number of ongoing initiatives designed to drive future success for all Engenda Group stakeholders.


Health and Safety

Our mission is to deliver a sustainable, world class health, safety and environmental performance that will result in zero harm to our stakeholders. This will underpin our ability to thrive in a global market where customers rightly view health, safety and environmental factors as decisive in the selection of their suppliers.

We engage every single Engenda Group employee in delivering the highest level of health and safety standards. Every single employee has accountability for health and safety performance. We commit to prioritising health and safety excellence including the wellbeing of our team members above commercial and operating pressures. We believe every incident and injury is avoidable and work diligently in this pursuit. Engenda Group is proud to have attained the standards required for accreditation by ISO 45001.


Engenda Group Health and Safety Policy available here for download

EGP 002 Health and Safety Policy Statement Jan 2024

Environmental Sustainability

Our core business is to ‘Engineer Change’ for our clients. Often this change can be for the environmental good, affording us the opportunity to promote green solutions to our clients. We practice what we preach. We operate our day-today business with the aim of “zero harm” to our stakeholders, and this includes the environment. We strive to reduce our environmental footprint with every project we complete as we believe this is the key to a sustainable future. We continually seek innovative ways to improve environmental sustainability. Engenda Group is accredited to the standards set out in ISO14001:2015. Our Environmental Policy sets out our commitment.


Engenda Group Environmental Policy available here for download

EGP 003 Environmental Policy Statement Jan 2024

Corporate Governance

Engenda Group believes that long term success can only be achieved if we sustain trustworthy corporate governance. To that end, we ensure our policies and practices support accountability, educated decision making and open conversation. All employees regardless of job title are encouraged to join the conversation and help shape responsible business practices.

Our Board of Directors hold ultimate responsibility for ensuring the legality of our business practice. To assist, Engenda Group subscribes to a number of internal and external standards and qualifications that drive best practice using a thorough audit process.


Engenda Group Code of Conduct available here for download

EGP 001 Code of Conduct

Quality and Client Care

The crucial differentiator of Engenda Group from its competitors is the exceptional level of quality and client care at the heart of everything we do. Our success is dependent on exceeding our client’s expectations in order to drive satisfaction, confidence and trust. We also recognize that in today’s world, their expectations are high! Our Quality Management System provides for quality management mechanisms across all our processes and product life cycle. We use our working relationships with our clients to provide valuable feedback and input into our processes. Engenda Group is accredited to the standards set out in ISO9001:2015.


Engenda Group Quality Policy available here for download

EGP 004 Quality Policy Statement Jan 2024

Supply Chain Responsibility and Modern Slavery Statement

We approach supply chain management with our own standards for ethical business practices in mind. To promote our high standards we will, wherever possible, partner with our supply chain to drive and improve our collective corporate responsibilities. We believe a strong partnership approach is key to ensuring a responsible and resilient supply chain.

Modern Slavery Statement

Engenda Group realizes that slavery and human trafficking can be in several forms, including forced labour, child labour, indentured servitude and workplace abuse. We are committed to ensuring that there is no form of this slavery within our supply chain or any part of our business. Our Anti-Slavery Statement reflects our commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships and to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure slavery or trafficking is not taking place within our supply chain. We have actively engaged our team in training and awareness to support this commitment.


Engenda Group Modern Slavery Act 2015 Statement available here for download

Modern Slavery Statement 2024

Diversity and Inclusion

Engenda Group recognise the importance of inclusive business practices. From recruitment to training to business change, we are committed to removing barriers for any section of society. We strive to collaborate with all our stakeholders to ensure we honour this commitment. We believe we engineer change best when we have a wide range of perspectives within the decision-making process and so all team members are encouraged to use their unique experience and individual character to improve our business practices. Our industry struggles with a gender imbalance and Engenda Group is actively working to address the lack of women within the industry.


Our Gender Pay Gap Report can be read here.

Annual Report

Competence as Standard

Engenda Group has a strong commitment to ensuring the competence of all team members. Our recruitment and selection process allows us to recruit talent, our learning and development processes empower team members to develop their talent, and our people practices enable us to retain talent. We are very aware of skills issues within our sector and so we have invested in our own training centre. We can deliver a variety of training from national accreditations to bespoke training courses. It allows Engenda Group to fulfil its commitment to improving core skills for those working within our sector.

The Future

Our philosophy involves investing in our team members with education and training to ensure they are ready for today. We have minimum standards of competence that we drive throughout our whole team. We recognize that this alone will not ready us for the future. Engenda Group aims to address this issue with a number of initiatives. We work with local schools and enterprises to encourage curiosity and consideration of engineering careers; participating in school events, work experience and sponsorship activities. Our growing apprentice programme aims to develop a talent pool of future engineers and team members. Our work with academic faculties and innovation partners drive real world continuous improvement. We also partner with industry agencies to secure a competitive future for our industry.

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