Engenda Awarded Design Contract for SABIC and Plastic Energy’s Advanced Recycling Unit

Added 12 May 2021

Engenda EPC has been awarded a contract for the off-site Module fabrication by SABIC Plastic Energy Advanced Recycling BV (SPEAR).


Engenda EPC (the Project Management and Design Business Unit of Engenda Group) has been awarded a contract for the detailed Engineering and Design for the off-site Module fabrication by SABIC Plastic Energy Advanced Recycling BV (SPEAR) – a joint venture between SABIC and Plastic Energy – for a new advanced plastics recycling unit in Geleen, the Netherlands.

The unit will leverage Plastic Energy’s patented recycling technology to transform mixed and used plastic waste, otherwise destined for incineration or landfill, into recycled oils called TACOIL. The TACOIL will then be used by SABIC as an alternative feedstock to manufacture certified circular polymers as part of its TRUCIRCLETM portfolio of solutions.

The advanced recycling unit will enable SABIC to upscale the production of these circular polymers significantly. This will provide customers with greater access to more sustainable materials, which are recycled and repurposed in a way that can help protect our planet’s natural resources.

The Modules engineering and design contract will be executed by Engenda’s design office in Falkirk, Scotland. The Modules are being fabricated by a third party sub-contractor to the SABIC Plastic Energy joint venture. One of the reason Engenda was chosen was due to our use of AutoDesk Plant3D modelling software, and record in the Engineering & Design. Engenda are providing Engineering and Design Services in: 3D Modelling, Piping, Pipe Stress Analysis, Structural, Instrument, Electrical and Process Engineering.

“We are excited to start our relationship with SABIC and Plastic Energy,” said Scott McMartin, Managing Director of Engenda EPC. “This project will help move us closer to achieving a circular economy and support our Corporate Aim on Environmental Sustainability in helping to deliver a more sustainable world.”

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