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Why Engenda Group choose Advanced Steel for their 3D steel structure software


Autodesk Advanced Steel software is a powerful 3D modelling tool that streamlines the design and fabrication of steel structures.

Why Engenda use it

At Engenda our Engineers and Designers use a variety of software in their profession, however, one piece of software that the Civil/Structural Designers use is Advanced Steel. While recruiting for this role we noticed that many applicants hadn’t used Advanced Steel before, so I wanted to delve into why Engenda rate is so highly.

What is Advanced Steel?

Firstly, Advance Steel is a 3D modelling software designed for structural steel detailing, fabrication, and construction. It offers several benefits for professionals involved in the design and construction of steel structures.

So why do Engenda use it?

Adrian Bugajski, Civil and Structural Engineering Lead at Engenda advocates for Advanced Steel due to the high value it delivers to clients.

He said: “At Engenda EPC, we are always looking for ways to improve our engineering services and deliver value to our clients. That’s why we are proud to use Autodesk Advanced Steel software, a powerful 3D modelling tool that streamlines the design and fabrication of steel structures.”

Screenshot advanced steel
Advanced Steel Autodesk

So, what are the benefits of Advanced Steel?

Adrian feels it offers an overall more collaborative and seamless way of working . He asserts that through the utilisation of Autodesk Docs' Advanced Steel Engenda, it is possible to:

  • Achieve a seamless workflow for projects in BIM, from concept to construction.
  • Collaborate with other disciplines using a Plant 3D model, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • Automate the creation of fabrication drawings, bills of materials, and NC files, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Connect our design and detailing data to CAD and BIM workflows, enhancing communication and coordination.
  • By using Autodesk Advanced Steel, we can deliver complex, time-critical projects with minimal RFIs and rework, and provide our clients with high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

At Engenda we are always keen to educate those who would like to know more.

Adrian said: “If you are interested in learning more about how we use Autodesk Advanced Steel, or how we can help you with your engineering needs, please contact us today. We would love to hear from you.”


From Autodesk:

Autodesk Advance Steel is a 3D modelling software for steel detailing, fabrication and construction. Use Advance Steel to connect design and fabrication when working in BIM to improve communication between steel engineers, designers and detailers. The software helps advance projects effectively from design to fabrication, with clearer design intent and less rework. Use Advance Steel with the AEC Collection to run structural analyses, automate design processes, create and solve for complex geometry, and detect and mitigate clashes in preconstruction.

Autodesk Website


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